Award Winners


The Art of Beth Cavener
By Garth ClarkEzra ShalesLauren Redding

Winner of the Gold Medal for Fine Art in the 2020 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards
Winner of the 2020 Independent Press Award for Fine Arts

The animals in Beth Cavener’s work are better described as avatars, embodiments of persons or emotions that disguise her subjects.

Subjects: Art

The Life and Art of Wilson Hurley

Celebrating the Richness of Reality
By Rosalyn Roembke Hurley
Edited by Susan Hallsten McGarry

Winner of the Silver Medal for Fine Art in the 2020 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards

In paintings of natural wonders throughout the galaxy, Wilson Hurley was committed to expressing his love of the richness of reality.

Subjects: Art

The Magnolia Code

By Joan Brooks Baker

2020 Independent Press Award—Distinguished Favorite for Memoir

In this embellished memoir, Baker shares how she navigated her bifurcated world, defying the Magnolia Code and finding role models in rebellious women.

The Space-Age Presidency of John F. Kennedy

A Rare Photographic History
By John BisneyJ. L. Pickering

Winner of the Bronze Medal for U.S. History in the 2020 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards

This engaging and unprecedented work captures the compelling story of John F. Kennedy’s role in advancing the United States’ space program, set against the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Staging Frontiers

The Making of Modern Popular Culture in Argentina and Uruguay
By William Garrett Acree

Winner of the 2020 Best Book in the Nineteenth Century Award from the LASA Nineteenth Century Section

In this expansive and engaging narrative William Acree guides readers through the deep history of popular entertainment before turning to circus culture and rural dramas that celebrated the countryside on stage.

Mexico in the Time of Cholera

By Donald Fithian Stevens

Winner of the 2020 Thomas McGann Book Prize from the Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies

The book takes the devastating 1833 cholera epidemic as its dramatic center and expands beyond this episode to explore love, lust, lies, and midwives.

The Origins of Macho

Men and Masculinity in Colonial Mexico
By Sonya Lipsett-Rivera

Honorable Mention for the 2020 Judy Ewell Award for Best Publication on Women's History from the Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies

Lipsett-Rivera traces the genesis of the Mexican macho by looking at daily interactions between Mexican men in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

A Most Splendid Company

The Coronado Expedition in Global Perspective
By Richard FlintShirley Cushing Flint

Winner of the 2020 Fray Francisco Atanasio Domínguez Award from the Historical Society of New Mexico

This magisterial volume unveils Richard and Shirley Flint’s deep research into the Latin American and Spanish archives in an effort to track down the history of the participants who came north with the Coronado expedition in 1540.


A Novel
By Norma Elia Cantú

Finalist for the 2020 Jesse H. Jones Award for Best Work of Fiction

In Cantú's latest novel Nena must decide where she can best be true to her entire self: in Spain with Paco or in Laredo, her home, where her job and family await her return.

Subjects: Fiction


The African Slave Who Explored America
By Dennis Herrick

Finalist for the 2019 CSAW Award for Outstanding Western Book from the Center for the Study of the American West

In this work Herrick dispels the myths and outright lies about Esteban. His biography emphasizes Esteban rather than the Spaniards whose exploits are often exaggerated and jingoistic in the sixteenth-century chronicles.