Award Winners

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The Art of William Hart McNichols
By John D. DadoskyWilliam Hart McNichols

Winner of the 2019 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for Arts

This book comprises a selection of William Hart McNichols's popular icons and sacred images.

Subjects: ArtReligion

No More Bingo, Comadre!

By Nasario García

Winner of the 2019 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for Fiction–Other

It takes all kinds to populate Northern New Mexico, and this book has every one: from gypsies and gamblers to ranchers and criminals.

Subjects: Short Stories

60 Short Hikes in the Sandia Foothills

By Tamara Massong

Winner of the 2019 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for Sports/Recreation

This book introduces sixty short hikes in the public lands on the eastern edge of the city of Albuquerque.

Aztec, Salmon, and the Puebloan Heartland of the Middle San Juan

Edited by Paul F. ReedGary M. Brown

Winner of the 2019 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for Anthropology/Archaeology

The contributors to this book attribute the development of Salmon and Aztec to migration and colonization by people from Chaco Canyon and that the Middle San Juan can be seen as one of the ancient Puebloan heartlands that made important contributions to contemporary Puebloan society.

Subjects: Archaeology

Found Documents from the Life of Nell Johnson Doerr

A Novel
By Thomas Fox Averill

Winner of the 2019 Byron Caldwell Smith Book Award
Finalist for the 2019 WILLA Literary Award in Original Softcover Fiction from Women Writing the West

Not just epistolary, this novel is archival, told entirely through journals, letters, photos, drawings, notes, and clippings left behind by Nell Doerr, who lived in Lawrence, Kansas, between 1854 and 1889.

Subjects: Fiction

Rain Scald

By Tacey M. Atsitty

Finalist for the 2019 15 Bytes Book Award for Poetry

In this innovative debut collection, Tacey M. Atsitty employs traditional, lyric, and experimental verse to create an intricate landscape she invites readers to explore.

Subjects: Poetry

The Handyman's Guide to End Times

By Juan J. Morales

First Place Winner of the 2019 International Latino Book Award for Poetry, One Author, in English

In Morales’s newest collection, an imagined zombie apocalypse intertwines with personal narrative.

Subjects: Poetry

Imagine a City That Remembers

The Albuquerque Rephotography Project
By Anthony AnellaMark C. Childs

Winner of the 2019 Heritage Publication Award from the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division
New Mexico-Arizona Book Award Finalist in History

This expanded and updated collection juxtaposes historic and contemporary photographs of Albuquerque to show diverse moments in the city’s history and development.

Colonial New Mexican Families

Community, Church, and State, 1692–1800
By Suzanne M. Stamatov

New Mexico-Arizona Book Award Finalist in History

In this book Suzanne M. Stamatov skillfully relies on both ecclesiastical and civil records to discover how families formed and endured during this period of contention in the eighteenth century.

Gather the Night

By Katherine DiBella Seluja

New Mexico-Arizona Book Award Finalist in Poetry

These poems grieve for a world of the lost while extending solace to those who remain and remember.

Subjects: Poetry