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Bernard Plossu's New Mexico

Photographs by Bernard Plossu



Bernard Plossu, born in Vietnam in 1945, is one of today's best-known French photographers. His photos reflect locales he has visited all over the world: Senegal, Turkey, Poland, Mexico, Guatemala, and the American West. The photographs here were taken by Plossu in the late 1970s and are images of New Mexico - where the sun, the dust, the rain, the mud, the wind, the snow, the altitude (7,000 feet), and the smells forge a uniqueness.
"Bernard Plossu has given us a remarkable record of our own Southwest as seen through the eyes of a Frenchman. . . . The viewer knows what Plossu is saying by the immediate impact followed by slow release. There are no clichés here. His subtle images must be teased from the data he provides. It is our own Southwest but seen in a new light from another point of view. We can learn and enjoy from all three: the images, the photographer, and what they release in
us. We also learn that our teacher - and all good photographers teach - is far from conventional."
- from the Foreword

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Gilles Mora, author of the text, is founder and editor-in-chief of Les Cahiers de la Photographie.
Edward T. Hall is the author of The Silent Language and several other books in the field of cultural communication.