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Black Moon's Revenge

They Destroyed His World, Now He Wants Blood
By Kenneth Kieser



Black Moon rages against the white invaders of his Black Hills homeland, but it's a losing effort. Only one thing now keeps him going-his need to kill Birch Rose, the Lakota warrior's elusive enemy. The hatred is mutual, because Black Moon killed Rose's father. But Rose faces his own struggle against Dakota Territory land-grabbers, and he must trust his friends and Deadwood's legendary sheriff Seth Bullock to help him save his family and bring hired killers to justice. Fate, however, has one more challenge for Rose--a final showdown with Black Moon, a face-off only one man will win.

"Following his success with Ride the Trail of Death, Kenneth L. Kieser's new novel, Black Moon's Revenge, continues giving his readers compelling characters struggling for survival in an historically accurate Old West. Kieser is on the verge of creating a new American mythology."--Andrew R. Cline, associate professor of journalism, Missouri State University

Contributor Bios
Kenneth L. Kieser, who resides in the Kansas City area, is a veteran writer of twenty-five years and several thousand bylines. His writing and photos have appeared in many of America's outdoor magazines and newspapers, and he has won several awards.