The Blood Poems

By Jessica Helen Lopez



The Blood Poems is one part bloodletting, one part healing, and one part sensuous celebration as Jessica Helen Lopez lays out what it means to be a strong brown woman, a single mother, and the kickass bard that the twenty-first century needs. Lopez openly faces a damaging childhood, sex, divorce, and racial injustice in these poems. She proves that love is as complicated as lovemaking—messy and lusty, raucous and powerful, capable of amazing highs and abysmal lows. She proves that when a woman learns to love herself, she will live a fierce and full life and teach her daughters to do the same.

Published in Association with the City of Albuquerque’s Department of Cultural Services.

Subjects: Poetry

Contributor Bios
Jessica Helen Lopez is a member of the Macondo Writers Workshop and is the author of four other books of poetry including Always Messing With Them Boys and The Language of Bleeding, which was a limited release in honor of her ambassadorial visit to Granada, Nicaragua.