Border Ambush

By Melody Groves



Robbed and beaten by outlaws, stagecoach guard James Colton vows justice and recovery of his grandfather's watch. Determined to find his heirloom, James hunts the outlaws, only to face an immoral sheriff who gives him no choice but to shoot. Charged with his murder, James's solitary hope is to get the bandits to confess to the sheriff's villainy. With older brother Trace along to help, James tracks the outlaws into Mexico. But after Trace is gravely wounded, James is ambushed by lawmen as he tries to take his brother across the border. The hangman's noose seems closer than ever. Will James prove his innocence?

It's 1860 southern New Mexico. Border Ambush exposes the American Southwest for what it really was--rough, tough, and brutal.

"Melody Groves has created a couple of characters, James and Trace Colton, that you'll really care about. She spins a Western story that reads like a Western should--full of hair-raising adventures and some really bad villains."--Bill Pinnell, author of Terror on the Border

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