363 color photos, 3 color illustrations, 3 halftones, 8 maps

Published by New Mexico Magazine

Butterfly Landscapes of New Mexico

By Steven Cary



Butterfly Landscapes of New Mexico breaks new ground by organizing butterflies around elements of landscape and habitat. This useful book helps butterfly lovers find the more than three hundred kinds of butterflies scattered in our state's diverse landscape.

Steven Cary reveals New Mexico butterflies as expressions of local topography, climate, and plants. His vivid photographs and informative text first portray butterflies within a region and then in progressively smaller components of landscape.

Cary's perspective is intimate and imaginative. A handy companion in the field or the living room, this book appeals to butterfly enthusiasts and others eager to learn about the state's remarkable array of butterflies.

Contributor Bios
Steven J. Cary is the chief naturalist for New Mexico State Parks. He has observed, studied, and photographed New Mexico butterflies for more than twenty-five years and frequently gives butterfly walks and lectures.