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Comida Sabrosa

Home-Style Southwestern Cooking
By Irene Barraza SanchezGloria Sanchez Yund



This book became an immediate bestseller when it was published in hardcover in October 1982. Available in a paperback edition since 1983, this enduring favorite is now even more useful with a new spiral binding.

Subjects: CookingSouthwest

Contributor Bios
Irene Barraza Sanchez grew up in Gallup, New Mexico. Her passion for cooking and baking were enhanced by her mother’s great skill for cooking. After working for the US District Court for twenty-five years, she is retired and now writes and lectures on New Mexico culture and cuisine.
Gloria Sanchez Yund is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and now resides in Colorado. Her passion for teaching is reflected in her performance as an educator and an innovative, creative cook. She promotes New Mexico cuisine through her workshops, consulting, and writing, keeping traditional New Mexican cuisine very much alive.