Desert Passages

Encounters with the American Deserts
By Patricia Nelson Limerick



This lively book traces the development of American attitudes toward the desert using case studies from the writings of John C. Frémont, William Lewis Manly, Mark Twain, William Ellsworth Smythe, John Van Dyke, George Wharton James, Joseph Wood Krutch, and Edward Abbey.

"Patricia Nelson Limerick is an original, learned, passionate writer. Everything she writes about the history of the American West deserves attention."--Larry McMurtry

"Patricia Limerick is simply one of the best writers alive--and the astonishing thing is that she thinks as clearly and logically as she writes."--Garry Wills

Contributor Bios
Patricia Nelson Limerick, author of Something in the Soil, is professor of history at the University of Colorado. This was her first book, originally published in 1985 by UNM Press.