194 color illustrations

Drawing into Architecture

The Sketches of Antoine Predock
By Christopher Curtis Mead



Known internationally for designing buildings that take their inspiration from the land, Antoine Predock explores many of his ideas about architecture through the fluent medium of drawing. This collection of 172 sketches, many published here for the first time, surveys nearly fifty years of his work.

Presented in a format that evokes Predock’s sketchbooks, the drawings are arranged according to the logic of their internal topologies. Like a Möbius strip, they fold back on themselves, equating objects in space to drawn connections on a surface through a continuous process of transformation.

Whether sketching sites around the world or designing buildings, Predock has learned through years of experience to condense multiple sensations and ideas into line and color. Christopher Curtis Mead traces Predock’s aesthetic impulse back to the primal sense that through drawing we reach out to touch the world.

Subjects: ArtArchitecture

Contributor Bios
Christopher Curtis Mead taught from 1980 to 2013 at the University of New Mexico, where he was a Presidential Teaching Fellow and a Regents’ Professor with joint faculty appointments in the School of Architecture and Planning and the College of Fine Arts. A past president of the Society of Architectural Historians, he has written and lectured widely on European and American architecture and urbanism. His work includes Roadcut: The Architecture of Antoine Predock (UNM Press).