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Earth's Mind

Essays in Native Literature
By Roger Dunsmore



These thirteen essays reflect Dunsmore's broad experience as a poet, student of native literature, and teacher. They take their inspiration from Chief Joseph's statement that "the Earth and myself are of one mind," and go on to consider Black Elk; the work of D'Arcy McNickle, Simon Ortiz, and Laurens van der Post; Salish stories; and Pueblo sacred clowns. The idea that mind is something larger and more pervasive in nature than the Western tradition has usually considered suggests respect as central to survival and conveys the essential wildness of mind.

Earth's Mind will be useful to those who study or teach native literature or who simply want to understand better native world views.

"The most original and evocative study of Native American literary accomplishments, and their sources, it has been my pleasure to read in several years."--Karl Kroeber, Mellon Professor in the Humanities, Columbia University

Contributor Bios
Roger Dunsmore is professor emeritus of Liberal Studies, University of Montana, where he also teaches Wilderness Studies.