An Elegy for September

A Novel
By John Nichols



He is fifty, a man of middle years with a weak heart and two failed marriages. Mourning the loss of the boundless energy he squandered as a young man, he is a creature of habit now, relying on daily patterns to pace himself, to conserve what is left. She is nineteen, young enough to be his daughter, full of the vitality of youth and fearless—or perhaps only blind to the dangers life brings. Spare and moving, An Elegy for September captures the turning point in the life of a man as he confronts his own mortality—and confronts truths about himself he never suspected. Featuring some of John Nichols’s best writing, An Elegy for September is a brief, poignant, and eloquent novel that renders an age-old story in a fresh and powerful form.

“One of the finest things he has ever written.”— Los Angeles Times

Subjects: Fiction

Contributor Bios
John Nichols’s most recent novel is On Top of Spoon Mountain, also available from the University of New Mexico Press. He is also the author of The Milagro Beanfield War and many other books. Nichols lives in Taos, New Mexico.