339 color photos, 1 maps, 1 tables

Field Guide to the Trees of the Gila Region of New Mexico

By Richard Stephen FelgerJames Thomas VerrierKelly KindscherXavier Raj Herbst Khera



Field Guide to the Trees of the Gila Region of New Mexico is the definitive guide for field botanists, researchers, students, and avid nature lovers who wish to explore the natural history of native and introduced tree species across the Gila. The book documents over seventy-five tree species in the first wilderness area in the United States—and the largest in New Mexico—known for its wildness, remoteness, and significant recreation opportunities.

Drawing on extensive fieldwork, the authors feature detailed individual species accounts and special ecological and ethnobotanical information, providing full dichotomous keys to the families, genera, and species of all trees in the region. Color photographs of the species provide diagnostic clarity for easy identification, showing the whole tree, trunk, and foliage as well as macro photos of the flowers, fruits, or cones and other significant features. This comprehensive and user-friendly guide will be welcomed by residents and visitors studying and discovering the diverse trees of the Gila Region.

Contributor Bios
Richard Stephen Felger (1934–2020) was a researcher with the Herbarium, School of Plant Sciences, University of Arizona. He published widely on arid-land botany, ethnobotany, and conservation, and he was a coauthor of Plant Life of a Desert Archipelago: Flora of the Sonoran Islands in the Gulf of California.
James Thomas Verrier is a professional horticulturist and a researcher affiliated with the University of Arizona School of Plant Sciences.
Kelly Kindscher is a plant ecologist and ethnobotanist at the University of Kansas. His recent works include Echinacea: Herbal Medicine with a Wild History.
Xavier Raj Herbst Khera has a keen interest in new arid-land food crops and horticulture, especially desert plants. He is a Silver City, New Mexico, native and an outdoor enthusiast.