Published by West End Press

Grinning and Bare

By Ebony Isis Booth



Performance poet and activist Ebony Isis Booth sheds light on Black feminism, racism and inequality, social justice, and self-love in her debut collection of poems. She reveals the irony of a consumer culture that devours and disposes of Black bodies alongside the subsequent creation of social justice movements like Black Lives Matter.

In the book's second, poignant half, Booth turns her gaze from the outward to the inner, to look at how her own life has been affected by Black fatherhood, romantic love, and self love. She opens the way for a conversation about the intersections in feminism between the visibility of Black women's lives and their bodies.

Subjects: Poetry

Contributor Bios
Ebony Isis Booth is a poet, writer, and cultural strategist. She combines a passion for art and political activism in her writing and community organizing. She is founder of the African American community showcase Burque Noir. Grinning and Bare is her first book of poetry.