Published by West End Press

Hard Country

By Sharon Doubiago



First published by West End Press in 1982, this book-length poem about a journey across America has been out of print for a decade but has maintained its underground reputation as a major response to the male epic consciousness of twentieth-century American poetry.

"In this political geography of the continent's body, the land is corporeal, erotic and ever-present. . . . Doubiago's imagination is always unified and political. . . . Sharon Doubiago is 'a complex of occasions,' a brilliant response to Whitman, an American poet, free, spiritual and gifted."‚ Carolyn Forché

"A unique search for the meaning of personal and national history, narrated by a woman seeking her own liberation and fulfillment through struggle against the reactionary mores and politics of her time."‚ Thomas McGrath

"Sharon Doubiago fearlessly enters the labyrinth of our history, our search and danger as woman as human as deep American wanderer. . . . It is a long saga, a woman's history and a history of us all."‚ Meridel Le Sueur

Contributor Bios
Sharon Doubiago, a native of Los Angeles, has lived for more than twenty years in northern California and the Pacific Northwest. She is the author of two previous books of poetry including another book-length poem, "South America, Mi Hija." Her most recent publications are a volume of short stories, The Book of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes (1997) and a lengthy dissection of the O. J. Simpson Case, The Husband Arcane: The Arcane of O (1996).