The Hi Lo Country

60th Anniversary Edition
By Max Evans



At its heart, The Hi Lo Country is the story of the friendship between two men, their mutual love of a woman, and their allegiance to the harsh, dry, achingly beautiful New Mexico high-desert grassland. The story is told by Pete, a young ranch hand, whose best friend is Big Boy Matson. Together they drink, gamble, fight, work, and rodeo. They both fall hard for a married woman—the attractive, bored, and dangerous Mona.

When it was first published in 1961, the novel was both a celebration and an elegy. It captured something jagged and authentic in the West, and it caught the attention of Hollywood—notably Sam Peckinpah, who spent twenty years trying to make a movie of this multilayered and plainspoken novel. It would take another twenty years for Martin Scorsese and Stephen Frears to finally do it. Now in a special 60th anniversary edition, The Hi Lo Country continues to tell a quintessential story of the people and the land found in the American West.

Subjects: Fiction

Contributor Bios
Max Evans (1924–2020) was the author of over thirty works of fiction and nonfiction, including The Rounders and The King of Taos: A Novel. He was the recipient of the Spur, Wrangler, and Owen Wister awards, and the subject of the biography Ol’ Max Evans: The First Thousand Years and a documentary film of the same title. Evans made his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for over fifty years.