8 color plates., 14 drawings

The History of Photography

An Overview
By Alma Davenport



First published in 1991, The History of Photography explores the people, technology, and imagery that have made photography such a tremendous force in modern culture. As technology has improved, the level to which society depends upon photography increases. Over the past 150 years, photographers and their works have taught, inspired, angered, and spurred several generations toward social and political action. This interdependence between society and the photographic image continues to strengthen and evolve.
This book develops specific themes from pre-photography to the present. The reader will develop a deeper understanding of how major photographers have viewed their work, how attitudes toward photography have changed, and how photography has influenced world perceptions and events.

Subjects: Photography

Contributor Bios
Alma Davenport, a photographer for nearly thirty years, is professor of fine arts at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.