24 halftones, 16 maps, 6 charts, 1 table

Island, River, and Field

Landscape Archaeology in the Llanos de Mojos
By John H. Walker



Archaeologists have long associated the development of agriculture with the rise of the state. But the archaeology of the Amazon Basin, revealing traces of agriculture but lacking evidence of statehood, confounds their assumptions. John H. Walker’s innovative study of the Bolivian Amazon addresses this contradiction by examining the agricultural landscape and analyzing the earthworks from an archaeological perspective. The archaeological data is presented in ascending scale throughout the book. Scholars across archaeology and environmental anthropology will find the methodology and theoretical arguments essential for further study.

Contributor Bios
John H. Walker is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. He is also the author of Agricultural Change in the Bolivian Amazon: Cambio Agrícola en la Amazonía Boliviana.