Junkyard Dreams

A Novel
By Jeanette Boyer



Winner 2010 Zia Award from New Mexico Press Women

Rita Vargas owns an automobile junkyard outside of Santa Fe. Her property abuts a hill with a spectacular view, making the junkyard a magnet for ubiquitous developers. But Rita's land has been in her family for generations, and she doesn't want to sell. Also, her son Parker, a talented artist, uses salvaged pieces from the junkyard for his sculptures. Local wheeler-dealer Leroy Sena has already bought the ridge above Rita's property, and when Leroy sells that land to a small-time landlord and his gallery-owner sweetheart, the stakes are raised.

In Junkyard Dreams, old-timers retaining their emotional ties to the land face newcomers with money who want to build on every hilltop. This first novel illustrates that for every person opposed to the rapid growth of the real estate bonanza, two more people are scheming on how to profit from the boom. This seriously political but realistically compelling portrayal of land conflict confronts the trade-offs between improvement and preservation.

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"Two roadrunner thumbs up for this engaging and wonderfully crafted novel that honors the land and its people." - Rudolfo Anaya
"I actually know my way around a junkyard - and so does Boyer. She also knows her way around real estate, the rapidly changing face of small western cities, and how insoluble conflicts can erupt between perfectly nice people, changing their lives forever." - Lisa Lenard-Cook, author of Dissonance and Coyote Morning (UNM Press)

Subjects: Fiction

Contributor Bios
Jeanette Boyer received an M.A. in theatre from the University of New Mexico. She lives in Santa Fe.