4 drawings, 20 halftones

A Mad, Crazy River

Running the Grand Canyon in 1927
By Clyde L. Eddy



When Clyde Eddy first saw the Colorado River in 1919, he vowed that he would someday travel its length. Eight years later, Eddy recruited a handful of college students to serve as crewmen and loaded them, a hobo, a mongrel dog, a bear cub, and a heavy motion picture camera into three mahogany boats and left Green River, Utah, headed for Needles, California. Forty-two days and eight hundred miles later, they were the first to successfully navigate the river during its annual high water period. This book is the original narrative of that foolhardy and thrilling adventure.

"The point of his great adventure is not to make a name for himself, or to profit from a documentary film, or even to prove that quiet men of intellect can be as courageous as brawny frontiersmen. The point is the journey itself, the satisfaction of attempting the near impossible, and of surviving to tell the tale."--Peter Miller, National Geographic Magazine, from the Foreword

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Contributor Bios
Adventurer and editor Clyde L. Eddy (1889-1971) is also the author of Voyaging Down the Thames: An Intimate Account of a Voyage 200 Miles Across England (1938).