95 color photos, 8 maps

Published by New Mexico Magazine

Mike Butterfield's Guide to the Mountains of New Mexico

By Peter Greene



This unusual book is more than a guide; it is a showcase for the remarkable beauty and diversity of New Mexico's mountains. A profile of each major range offers intriguing information about its formation, scenic and wilderness character, and recreational opportunities, as well as fascinating bits of history and lore. Climber and photographer Mike Butterfield's dazzling full-color photos evoke a vivid sense of place, and tales of his adventures bring the mountains alive. Numerous maps, including a separate foldout map showing the ranges in photographic relief, and detailed peak and wilderness lists serve as handy and informative reference guides. This spectacular volume is bound to captivate and inspire outdoor enthusiasts and would-be adventurers who yearn to explore, hike, take scenic drives, find climbing challenges, or enjoy the solitude of unspoiled nature--amidst the mountains of New Mexico.

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