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Native Peoples, Politics, and Society in Contemporary Paraguay

Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Edited by Barbara A. Ganson



This unique collection of multidisciplinary essays explores recent developments in Paraguay over the course of the last thirty years since General Alfredo Stroessner fell from power in 1989. Stroessner’s strong authoritarian legacy continues to exert an impact on Paraguay’s political culture today, where the conservative Colorado Party continues to dominate much of the political landscape in spite of the country having transitioned into a modern democracy.

The essays in Native Peoples, Politics, and Society in Contemporary Paraguay provide new understandings of how Paraguay has become more integrated into the regional economy and societies of Latin America and changed in unexpected ways. The scholarship examines how the political change impacted Paraguayans, especially its indigenous population, and how the country adapted as it emerged from authoritarian traditions. Each contribution is exemplary in the scope and depth of its understanding of Paraguay, especially its indigenous peoples, politics, women’s rights, economy, and natural environment.

Contributor Bios
Barbara A. Ganson is a professor of history and the director of Caribbean and Latin American Studies at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. She is also the author of The Guaraní under Spanish Rule in the Río de la Plata.