14 halftones, 2 maps, 11 charts, 10 tables

Old Oraibi

A Study of the Hopi Indians of Third Mesa
By Mischa Titiev



According to their own mythology, the Hopis emerged into the present world through an opening in the earth, or sipapu. Archaeological evidence indicates that at the very least they are direct descendants of the earliest Southwest peoples.
Long considered an ethnographic classic, Old Oraibi is as detailed a picture of Hopi religion as can be shown by an outsider. First published in 1944, it sensitively considers kinship, social organization, ceremonialism, and other lifeways of one of the most fascinating American Indian cultures, both before and after the 1906 schism between Traditionals and Progressives.

Contributor Bios
Renowned anthropologist Mischa Titiev was born in Russia on September 11, 1901. He became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1912. Titiev visited Oraibi and other Hopi towns for the first time in 1932, while working on his doctoral dissertaion. He returned three times before Old Oraibi was published, and frequently thereafter until 1973, in spite of an active scholarly career that took him to many countries. He died in 1978.