8 drawings, 51 halftones, 14 maps, 4 tables

Powerful Places in the Ancient Andes

Edited by Justin JenningsEdward R. Swenson



Andean peoples recognize places as neither sacred nor profane, but rather in terms of the power they emanate and the identities they materialize and reproduce. This book argues that a careful consideration of Andean conceptions of powerful places is critical not only to understanding Andean political and religious history but to rethinking sociological theories on landscapes more generally. The contributors evaluate ethnographic and ethnohistoric analogies against the material record to illuminate the ways landscapes were experienced and politicized over the last three thousand years.

Contributor Bios
Justin Jennings is the senior curator of New World archaeology at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. His recent publications include Globalizations and the Ancient World and Killing Civilization: A Reassessment of Early Urbanism and Its Consequences (UNM Press).
Edward R. Swenson is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Toronto. He is a contributor to Andean Archaeology III: North and South and A Companion to the Anthropology of Religion.