10 color photos, 111 halftones


A Text for Marisol
A Critical Edition
By Robert CreeleyMarisol Escobar
Edited by Stephen Fredman



First published in 1976, this beautiful, interactive collaboration is a unique work of book art in which Marisol’s monumental pop-art sculptures face the blocks of Creeley’s prose poems. The new introduction by Creeley scholar Stephen Fredman describes how the poet’s autobiographical prose poetry arose in conversation with images of Marisol’s equally autobiographical sculptures.

In addition to the introduction, this edition features an appendix of newly discovered material, much of it found in Creeley’s own copy of the original edition of Presences. These include postcards and letters from Marisol, designer William Katz (who brought the poet and artist together), Mexican poet Octavio Paz, and several university professors. The material in the appendix allows the editor to reveal the genesis of Presences as a collaborative work of art involving three creators: artist, designer, and poet.

Contributor Bios
Stephen Fredman is a professor emeritus of English and American studies at the University of Notre Dame. His recent books include Contextual Practice: Assemblage and the Erotic in Postwar Poetry and Art and How Long Is the Present: Selected Talk Poems of David Antin (UNM Press).