Titles by Publisher

The City of Women

By Ruth Landes

This book is the landmark study of candomblé, the Afro-Brazilian religion of Bahia, Brazil.

The Great Ball Game of the Birds and Animals

By Deborah L. Duvall
Illustrations by Murv Jacob

An ancient Cherokee legend, retold with lively dialogue and intriguing illustrations.

The Alabados of New Mexico

Edited by Thomas Steele
Translated by Thomas Steele

The sacred hymns of New Mexico compiled by the expert on church literature in a handsome bilingual volume.

The American West in 2000

Essays in Honor of Gerald D. Nash
Edited by Richard W. EtulainFerenc Szasz

Lively essays on the study of the American West in honor of the late historian Gerald Nash.

The Montana Frontier

One Woman's West
By Joyce Litz

Taken from the journals of a Victorian-era woman who followed her husband from New York to a small town in Montana, these reflections include birth control and child rearing, gambling and prostitution, education and health care in the Mountain West.

Unaffected by the Gospel

Osage Resistance to the Christian Invasion, 1673-1906: A Cultural Victory
By Willard Rollings

Rollings shows how the Osages' passive resistance to missionaries' attempts to Christianize them helped preserve their culture and religious beliefs.

Explorers in Eden

Pueblo Indians and the Promised Land
By Jerold Auerbach

Explorers in Eden uncovers a vast array of diaries, letters, photographs, paintings, postcards, advertisements, and scholarly monographs, revealing how Anglo-Americans developed a fascination with pueblo culture they identified with biblical associations.

The Ancient Spirituality of the Modern Maya

By Thomas Hart

The Ancient Spirituality of the Modern Maya examines how the myth and ceremony of Maya beliefs have been sustained for over five hundred years in spite of massacres, persecution, and discrimination.

The Natural History of Tassel-Eared Squirrels

By Sylvester Allred

This comprehensive book, the first text on this species, has an extensive literature review and list of references, and beautiful full-color photography illustrating the squirrels and their magnificent ponderosa habitat.