24 color photos

Roads to the Past

Highway Map and Guide to New Mexico Archaeology
By Eric BlinmanDick Huelster



This guide presents twenty-three unique places to visit in New Mexico that each create a sense of the ancient past. These archaeological locations help to shape our understanding of the people who inhabited this land long before the Europeans came. The text, photographs, graphics, and map that appear here, created with the assistance of New Mexico’s Office of Archaeological Studies, provide the curious reader and the interested explorer alike with insight into the fascinating history and archaeology of New Mexico.

Contributor Bios
Dr. Eric Blinman is the director of the state of New Mexico’s Office of Archaeological Studies. Eric’s degrees in anthropology are from UC Berkeley and Washington State University. His specialties are pottery technology, human response to climate change, yucca, and basketry textiles.
Dick Huelster has happily pursued his love of archaeology by doing extensive examinations of sites, surveying, and mapping for the Office of Archaeological Studies. He and his wife, Kathryn, live in Santa Fe, NM.