With This Root about My Person

Charles H. Long and New Directions in the Study of Religion
Edited by Jennifer ReidDavíd Carrasco



Charles H. Long’s groundbreaking works on Africana religious studies serve as the backdrop to With This Root about My Person. The volume features twenty-six essays by a diverse group of students and scholars of Long. Revitalizing an interpretive framework rooted in the Chicago tradition, the essays in this volume vigorously debate the nature of religions in the Americas. In doing so they wrestle with the foundations of the study of religion that emerged out of the European Enlightenment, they engage the discipline’s entrenchment in the conquest of the Americas, and they grapple with the field’s legacy of colonialism. The book demonstrates tremendous breadth and depth of scope in its skillful comparative work on colonialism, which links the religions of the Americas, Melanesia, and Africa. This seminal work is an important addition to the Religions of the Americas Series and a valuable contribution to the field to which Charles H. Long was for so long devoted.

Subjects: ReligionHistory

Contributor Bios
Jennifer Reid is a professor of religion emerita at the University of Maine at Farmington. Her books include Finding Kluskap: A Journey into Mi’kmaw Myth; Religion and Global Culture: New Terrain in the Study of Religion and the Work of Charles H. Long; and Myth, Symbol and Colonial Encounter: British and Mi’kmaq in Acadia, 1700–1867. She is a 2015 John Simon Memorial Foundation Fellow.
Davíd Carrasco is the Neil Rudenstine Professor for the Study of Latin America at Harvard University. He is the author or editor of many books and the editor in chief of the award-winning three-volume Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures. Carrasco received the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.