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The Problem of Order in Changing Societies

Essays on Crime and Policing in Argentina and Uruguay, 1750-1940
Edited by Lyman L. Johnson

The six essays in this volume examine Argentina from the eighteenth century to the 1930s and Uruguay during the nineteenth century to show the links between crime and the social and economic order.

Termination and Relocation

Federal Indian Policy, 1945-1960
By Donald Fixico

A major study of the effects on American Indians of the termination and relocation policies instituted during the Truman and Eisenhower era.

Myth and the History of the Hispanic Southwest

By David J. Weber

"As a major interpreter of the field's scholarship, Weber's works will become guides for the future writing of Spanish, Mexican, and nineteenth-century Mexican American history."— New Mexico Historical Review

Subjects: HistorySouthwest

High Noon in Lincoln

Violence on the Western Frontier
By Robert M. Utley

"In research, writing, and interpretation, High Noon in Lincoln is a superb book. It is one of the best books (maybe the best) ever written on a violent episode in the West."—Richard Maxwell Brown, author of Strain of Violence: Historical Studies of American Violence and Vigilantism

Growing Up with the Country

Childhood on the Far Western Frontier
By Elliott West

This illustrated study shows how frontier life shaped children's character.

Photography in Print

Writings from 1816 to the Present
Edited by Vicki Goldberg

Essays by photographers, critics, and philosophers.

Western Women

Their Land, Their Lives
Edited by Lillian SchlisselJanice MonkVicki L. Ruiz

These essays analyze and interpret studies on women's roles in the American West.

New Mexico

An Interpretive History
By Marc Simmons

For all who love New Mexico, and for those who aspire to know the state, this book is a graceful and compelling summary of what has made the Land of Enchantment its distinctive self.

From Hacienda to Bungalow

Northern New Mexico Houses, 1850-1912
By Agnesa Lufkin Reeve

A generously illustrated look at how architecture changed dramatically in northern New Mexico with the influx of settlers from the East.

New Mexico's Best Ghost Towns

A Practical Guide
By Philip Varney

This useful guidebook surveys more than eighty ghost towns, grouped by geographic area.