Titles by Subject

Expanding Authorship

Transformations in American Poetry since 1950
By Peter Middleton

Expanding Authorship collects Peter Middleton’s significant essays exploring how the agency of the disputed figure of the author has increasingly extended beyond an individual, narratable self.

Native Peoples, Politics, and Society in Contemporary Paraguay

Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Edited by Barbara A. Ganson

This unique collection of multidisciplinary essays explores recent developments in Paraguay over the course of the last thirty years since General Alfred Stroessner fell from power in 1989.

Crossing Borders

My Journey in Music
By Max BacaCraig Harris

Baca’s music grew out of the harsh life of the borderland, and the duality of borderland music—its keening beauty—remains a recurring theme in everything he does.

The Art and Humor of John Trever

Fifty Years of Political Cartooning
By John Trever

The Art and Humor of John Trever: Fifty Years of Political Cartooning features the best, funniest, and most significant cartoons of Trever’s career—showcasing his unique style, method, and voice—that captivated readers in New Mexico as well as readers throughout the United States through syndication.

Poetry of Leadership and Compassion

By Patrick C Pietroni

This final volume in Professor Pietroni’s impressive collection explores the concept of leadership. In developing its theme, the book introduces the myth of the great leader and details the attributes of the compassionate leader.

Subjects: PoetryPhilosophy

Poetry of Economics, Politics and Compassion

By Patrick C Pietroni

In this volume Professor Pietroni explores the poetry of economics and politics using the metaphor of the Greek god Atlas, who carries Earth on his shoulders as punishment for being unhospitable to Perseus.

Subjects: PoetryPhilosophy

Press, Power, and Culture in Imperial Brazil

Edited by Hendrik KraayCelso Thomas CastilhoTeresa Cribelli

Press, Power, and Culture in Imperial Brazil introduces recent Brazilian scholarship to English-language readers, providing fresh perspectives on newspaper and periodical culture in the Brazilian empire from 1822 to 1889.

Poetry of Healthcare and Compassion

By Patrick C Pietroni

This eighth volume by Professor Pietroni focuses on why the concept of compassion is so important in our health-care system and what can be done to restore its centrality in the doctor/patient encounter.

Subjects: PoetryPhilosophy

Religious Transformation in Maya Guatemala

Cultural Collapse and Christian Pentecostal Revitalization
Edited by John P. Hawkins

Drawing on over fifty years of research and data collected by field-school students, Hawkins argues that two factors—cultural collapse and systematic social and economic exclusion—explain the recent religious transformation of Maya Guatemala and the style and emotional intensity through which that transformation is expressed.

Public Waters

Lessons from Wyoming for the American West
By Anne MacKinnon

Public Waters shows how, as popular hopes and dreams meet tough terrain, a central idea that has historically structured water management can guide water policy for Western states today.