46 color photos

Tony Hillerman's Landscapes

Southwest Map and Guide
By Anne HillermanDon Strel



This handsomely illustrated map shows you where to find many of the landscapes Tony Hillerman loved and wrote about. Descriptions of the sites that appear in Hillerman’s novels accompany their placement on the map, making this a wonderful guide for the traveler interested in Hillerman’s New Mexico. Written by Anne Hillerman, Tony Hillerman’s daughter, and photographed by her husband, Don Strel, the guide pairs beautiful photographs with insightful text that draws on the author’s firsthand knowledge of her father’s sense of place.

Contributor Bios
Award-winning author Anne Hillerman is delighted to continue the mystery series her father, the best-selling author Tony Hillerman, created in 1970. Before becoming a novelist, Anne worked as a non-fiction author and journalist. Anne currently lives in Santa Fe with her husband, Don Strel.
Photographer Don Strel has had his photos published in numerous books, magazines, and newspapers. He taught design at San Francisco State University and Northern Illinois University and served as the director of the Museum of Fine Arts of New Mexico in Santa Fe.