13 drawings, 71 halftones

Understanding Stone Tools and Archaeological Sites

By Brian Kooyman



This generously illustrated instructional guide explains the examination and analysis of stone tools and stone-tool sites anywhere in the world. Lithics expert Brian P. Kooyman explores the production, function, and context of stone tools to understand how human cultures used lithic tools at particular sites and to give readers the practical skills for lithic and site analysis. The guide covers manufacturing techniques, lithic types and materials, reduction strategies and techniques, worldwide lithic technology, production variables, meaning of form, and usewear and residue analysis. The author draws on extensive field work in North America, particularly at Head-Smashed-In in Alberta, Canada. However, the theory, methodology, and analysis applies to the investigation of stone tools and lithic sites worldwide.

Contributor Bios
Brian P. Kooyman is director of the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Excavation, a World Heritage Site, in Alberta, Canada, and is professor of archaeology at University of Calgary in Alberta.