13 color plates, 9 halftones, 1 maps

The Voyage of the Beetle

A Journey around the World with Charles Darwin and the Search for the Solution to the Mystery of Mysteries, as Narrated by Rosie, an Articulate Beetle
By Anne H. Weaver
Illustrations by George Lawrence



Winner of the 2008 Zia Award
Voted Book of the Year by the New Mexico State Library

Why are there so many different kinds, or species, of living things on earth, each uniquely fitted to its environment? For Charles Darwin, this question represented the "mystery of mysteries." Darwin first began to formulate an answer during a youthful voyage around the world on the H.M.S. Beagle from 1831 to 1835. Darwin's answer, known as the Theory of Natural Selection, changed the way we think about life on earth.

In a clever twist, this beautifully illustrated and engaging account reveals that Darwin had help from an unlikely source: a beetle named Rosie, who possessed a very un-beetle-like urge to see the world. Rosie the Beetle accompanied Darwin on the now-famous voyage of the Beagle. Her lively, witty narrative describes how she took Darwin under her wing, providing clues and hints that guided his insights. The young reader is challenged to use the clues to solve the mystery before Darwin does.

Anne Weaver and George Lawrence were recently interviewed on "Science Watch" on 1350 AM in Albuquerque. To access a podcast of that program, go to www.voyageofthebeetle.com for excerpts, activities, and more.

Subjects: ChildrenScience

Contributor Bios
Anne H. Weaver has a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of New Mexico. She taught evolutionary anthropology at Santa Fe Community College for many years. She is now a full-time writer living in Santa Fe.
George Lawrence worked for twelve years in New York City as an architectural designer. He now lives in Santa Fe where he illustrates and designs interpretive exhibits for parks and nature centers throughout the United States.