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Published by West End Press

Work Is Love Made Visible

Collected Family Photographs and Poetry
By Jeanetta Calhoun Mish



Both homespun and sophisticated, this book of poems and family memories carries a bite: the author is an Oklahoma woman with a history of hard traveling and a feminist intellectual with a formidable critical vocabulary. She writes in a language of solidarity, affirmation, and love. The story of the daughter who left home, traveled the country, and returned to do her family proud is still worth telling: add to that the heartbreak, lustiness, traditional wisdom, Okie determination, and Indian legacy of these poems and you have quite a bundle. The historic family photographs are breathtaking in their own right: beyond any job of archaeology, they speak the world they portray.

Contributor Bios
Jeanetta Calhoun Mish is a native Oklahoman who returned home after twenty years to complete her PhD in American Literature and grow good tomatoes. Her prize-winning chapbook Tongue Tied Woman appeared in 2002, and she has published recently in poetry magazines and anthologies as well as LABOR: Studies in Working Class History of the Americas.