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Workers Go Shopping in Argentina

The Rise of Popular Consumer Culture
By Natalia Milanesio



Winner of the 2015 Social Sciences Book Prize from the Southern Cone Studies Section of the Latin American Studies Association

Winner of the 2014 Thomas McGann Award from the Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies

Combining theories from the anthropology of consumption, cultural studies, and gender studies with the methodologies of social, cultural, and oral histories, Natalia Milanesio shows the exceptional cultural and social visibility of low-income consumers in postwar Argentina along with their unprecedented economic and political influence. Her study reveals the scope of the remarkable transformations fueled by the new market by examining the language and aesthetics of advertisement, the rise of middle- and upper-class anxieties, and the profound changes in gender expectations.

Contributor Bios
Natalia Milanesio is an associate professor of history at the University of Houston in Texas.