Literary Criticism

American Indian Literary Nationalism

By Jace WeaverRobert WarriorCraig Womack

A study of Native literature from the perspective of national sovereignty and self-determination.

Life In Search of Readers

Reading (in) Chicano/a Literature
By Manuel M. Martín-Rodríguez

In this examination of Chicano/a literature, Manuel M. Martín-Rodríguez analyzes the ways it connects with and is shaped by the interaction with its audiences.

Leslie Marmon Silko

A Collection of Critical Essays
Edited by Louise K. BarnettJames L. Thorson

An exciting collection of new essays on the work of the outstanding American Indian woman writer.

The Nature of Native American Poetry

By Norma C. Wilson

Elucidates the clear mark that Native American literature, culture, and oral-poetic traditions have left on five centuries of British and American literature.

Show and Tell

Identity as Performance in U.S. Latina/o Fiction
By Karen Christian

Explores issues of ethnicity, gender, and sexuality in nine recent novels by U.S. Latina/o writers.

Earth's Mind

Essays in Native Literature
By Roger Dunsmore

Inspired by Chief Joseph's statement that "the Earth and myself are of one mind," Dunsmore studies the works of major Native writers and their connection with the natural world.

Chicana Creativity and Criticism

New Frontiers in American Literature
Second Edition
Edited by María Herrera-SobekHelena María Viramontes

Poetry, art, and criticism by major Chicana writers and artists.