Women and Men in the Prehispanic Southwest

Labor, Power, and Prestige
Edited by Patricia L. Crown

Women and Men in the Prehispanic Southwest takes a groundbreaking look at gendered activities in prehistory and the differential access that women and men had to sources and symbols of power and prestige.

The Great Maya Droughts

Water, Life, and Death
By Richardson B. Gill

T he Great Maya Droughts proposes a long-sought solution to the mystery of the collapse of the Maya civilization: a series of severe droughts during the ninth and tenth centuries that brought famine, thirst, and death to the Maya lowlands.

Bones, Boats, and Bison

Archeology and the First Colonization of Western North America
By E. James Dixon

This revolutionary synthesis dispels the stereotype of big game hunters following mammoths across the Bering Land Bridge, while painting a vivid picture of marine mammal hunters, fishers, and general foragers colonizing the New World.

The Ethics of Collecting Cultural Property

Whose Culture? Whose Property?
Second edition, updated and enlarged
Edited by Phyllis Messenger

The Ethics of Collecting Cultural Property explores the ethical, legal, and intellectual issues related to excavating, selling, collecting, and owning cultural artifacts.

Archaic States

Edited by Gary M. FeinmanJoyce Marcus

One of the most challenging problems facing contemporary archaeology concerns the operation and diversity of ancient states. This volume addresses how ancient states were structured and how they operated, an understanding of which is key to our ability to interpret a state's rise or fall.

Bone Voyage

A Journey in Forensic Anthropology
By Stanley Rhine

Bone Voyage is a lively account of the role of the forensic anthropologist in the Office of the Medical Investigator--recovering bodies, establishing identities, and solving the puzzles of death.

Anasazi Architecture and American Design

Edited by Baker H. MorrowV. B. Price

Morrow and Price take the reader on a journey through Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde, balancing observations of past architectural and cultural achievements with suggestions and recommendations for design practices in the present.

Cowboys and Cave Dwellers

Basketmaker Archaeology of Utah's Grand Gulch
By Fred M. BlackburnRay A. Williamson

In this book, Fred M. Blackburn and Ray A. Williamson tell the two intertwined stories of the early archaeological expeditions into Grand Gulch and the Wetherill-Grand Gulch Research Project. In the process, they describe what we now know about Basketmaker culture and present a stirring plea for the preservation of our nation's priceless archaeological heritage. Lavishly illustrated with color and black-and-white photographs.

Last Hunters, First Farmers

New Perspectives on the Prehistoric Transition to Agriculture
Edited by T. Douglas PriceAnne Birgitte Gebauer

In case studies ranging from the Far East to the American Southwest, the authors of Last Hunters-First Farmers provide a global perspective on contemporary research into the origins of agriculture. Downplaying more traditional explanations of the turn to agriculture, such as the influence of marginal environments and population pressures, the authors emphasize instead the importance of the resource-rich areas in which agriculture began, the complex social organizations already in place, the role of sedentism, and, in some locales, the advent of economic intensification and competition.

Themes in Southwest Prehistory

Edited by George J. Gumerman

Two dozen leading archaeologists isolate a number of themes that were central to the process of increasing complexity in prehistoric Southwestern society, including increased food production, a greater degree of sedentism, and a dramatically increasing population.