Baby Jack and Jumping Jack Rabbit

By Loyd Tireman
Illustrations by Ralph Douglass

Join Baby Jack in the first book of the Mesaland Series as he explores the desert and encounters other creatures, including a little bee, a grasshopper, and a pile of big red ants.

Big Fat

By Loyd Tireman
Illustrations by Ralph Douglass

The fifth book of the Mesaland Series tells the story of lovable, lumbering prairie dog Big Fat.


By Loyd Tireman
Illustrations by Ralph Douglass

Cocky, a rollicking little roadrunner, joins baby jack rabbit Hop-a-long and the other creatures of the desert in the fourth book of the Mesaland Series.

Amada's Blessings from the Peyote Gardens of South Texas

By Stacy B. Schaefer

Schaefer's book weaves together the geography, biology, history, cultures, and religions that created the unique life of Mrs. Cardenas and the people she knew.

Pie Town Revisited

By Arthur Drooker

In this book author-photographer Arthur Drooker documents his own travels to Pie Town to find out what became of it seventy years after Russell Lee visited.

A Civil War History of the New Mexico Volunteers and Militia

By Jerry D. Thompson

Thompson draws on service records and numerous other archival sources that few earlier scholars have seen in this comprehensive work.

The Haunting of the Mexican Border

A Woman's Journey
By Kathryn Ferguson

“This is an important book at the right time. We need to read this story and understand its vision. Recommended.”—Luis Alberto Urrea, author of The Devil’s Highway: A True Story

Subjects: MemoirSouthwest

New Mexico 2050

Edited by Fred Harris

Here some of the state’s most noted and qualified policy experts answer two vital questions: New Mexico 2050—What can we be? What will we be?

Roadside New Mexico

A Guide to Historic Markers
Revised and Expanded Edition
By David Pike

This revised and expanded edition of Roadside New Mexico provides additional information about these sites and includes approximately one hundred new markers, sixty-five of which document the contribution of women to the history of New Mexico.

Chasing the Santa Fe Ring

Power and Privilege in Territorial New Mexico
By David L. Caffey

David L. Caffey’s book tells the story of the rise and fall of the Santa Fe Ring, looking beyond myth and symbol to explore the history of this remarkably durable alliance.

Subjects: HistorySouthwest