Short Stories

Ballad of a Slopsucker

By Juan Alvarado Valdivia

Based in Northern California and examining a variety of themes, including love, family, and masculinity, these stories offer an important new perspective on the experiences of Latinos and Latinas in the United States and complicate ideas of nationhood, identity, and the definition of home.

No More Bingo, Comadre!

By Nasario García

It takes all kinds to populate Northern New Mexico, and this book has every one: from gypsies and gamblers to ranchers and criminals.

Subjects: Short Stories


New and Selected Stories of the American West
By Miles Wilson

These stories from four decades are grounded in the geographical, cultural, and psychological American West.

Buffalo Cactus and Other New Stories from the Southwest

Edited by D. Seth HortonBrett Garcia Myhren

Revealing the Southwest as home to some of the most entertaining writers in twenty-first-century fiction, this collection features a wonderfully diverse array of authors, including Alberto Álvaro Ríos, Ron Carlson, José Skinner, Tacey M. Atsitty, and Kirstin Valdez Quade.

Lock and Load

Armed Fiction
Edited by Deirdra McAfeeBettyJoyce Nash

This masterful and thought-provoking collection moves beyond the polarized rhetoric surrounding firearms to spark genuine discussion.

The Kean Land and Other Stories

By Jack Schaefer

The classic Western short stories in this Jack Schaefer collection explore the changing and often challenging truths found throughout the American West.

Subjects: Short Stories

First Blood and Other Stories

By Jack Schaefer

First Blood, Schaefer’s follow-up to Shane, tells the tale of Jess Harker, a young stagecoach driver finding his way in this coming-of-age story.

Subjects: Short Stories

The Big Range

By Jack Schaefer

In these memorable narratives Schaefer depicts the unique conflicts of settler life and captures the spirit of the resolute, willful, determined, and broken characters found on the Western frontier.

Subjects: Short Stories

The Pioneers

By Jack Schaefer

Published throughout the early 1950s, these stories have captured our hearts and imaginations as true classics in Western fiction and will continue to do so time and time again.

Subjects: Short Stories

Fight Like a Man and Other Stories We Tell Our Children

By Christine Granados

“Like her characters, Christine Granados is not afraid to step up and in. It doesn’t matter who, what man or woman, Chicano or Chicana, she’s fighting to win.”—Dagoberto Gilb, author of Before the End, After the Beginning: Stories