Short Stories

Oy, Caramba!

An Anthology of Jewish Stories from Latin America
Edited by Ilan Stavans

First published in 1994 as Tropical Synagogues: Short Stories by Jewish-Latin American Writers, Ilan Stavans’s classic anthology is expanded and updated in this new edition.

Kingdom of the Sun

By James Terry

Set in southwestern New Mexico, the stories in James Terry’s stunning debut explore the joys, insecurities, and failures of memorable characters as they attempt to connect with—or disconnect from—others around them.

Subjects: Short Stories

The Tombstone Race

By José Skinner

Set in places as diverse as Fort Sumner, Taos, Chimayó, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Clovis, the fourteen stories in The Tombstone Race explore the surprising connections and disjunctions between rich and poor, urban and rural, old and new, ugly and beautiful.

Subjects: Short Stories

One Day I'll Tell You the Things I've Seen

By Santiago Vaquera-Vásquez

The stories in Santiago Vaquera-Vásquez’s intimate conversational narrative take readers around the world, from the orchards of California to the cornfields of Iowa, from the neighborhoods of Madrid and Mexico City to the Asian shore of Istanbul.

Broken Promises

La Frontera Publishing Presents the American West, More Great Short Stories from America’s Newest Western Writers

La Frontera Publishing presents Broken Promises, its latest collection of thirteen fictional short stories and one novella about the Wild West from America’s newest Western writers, authors who may become tomorrow’s legends of Western literature.

Lilus Kikus and Other Stories by Elena Poniatowska

By Elena Poniatowska
Translated by Elizabeth Coonrod Martínez

The first English edition of the work of one of Mexico's most admired women writers.

He Walked In and Sat Down and Other Stories

By Rosaura Sánchez
Translated by Beatrice Pita

The stories in this bilingual collection portray the everyday lives of a cross-section of Chicano men and women in the contemporary U.S.

The Collected Stories of Moacyr Scliar

By Moacyr Scliar
Translated by Eloah Giacomelli

From Brazil's most distinguished and important Jewish writer comes this anthology of powerful stories, bringing a compelling voice of the Jewish Diaspora to the English language.