Cultural Studies

Hecho en Tejas

An Anthology of Texas Mexican Literature
Edited by Dagoberto Gilb

Gilb has created more than a literary anthology--this is a mosaic of the cultural and historical stories of Texas Mexican writers, musicians, and artists.

D'Arcy McNickle's The Hungry Generations

The Evolution of a Novel
Edited by Birgit Hans

This study of the early, unpublished novel, The Hungry Generations, explains how subsequent events in McNickle's life lead the author to eventually create The Surrounded, a classic of American Indian literature.

A Woman's Place

Women Writing New Mexico
By Maureen Reed

Profiles of six remarkable women writers and artists whose work was shaped significantly by their relationship with New Mexico.

Life In Search of Readers

Reading (in) Chicano/a Literature
By Manuel M. Martín-Rodríguez

In this examination of Chicano/a literature, Manuel M. Martín-Rodríguez analyzes the ways it connects with and is shaped by the interaction with its audiences.

The Nature of Native American Poetry

By Norma C. Wilson

Elucidates the clear mark that Native American literature, culture, and oral-poetic traditions have left on five centuries of British and American literature.

Native American Identities

From Stereotype to Archetype in Art and Literature
By Scott Vickers

An engaging study of stereotypes and archetypes of Native Americans in fiction and art.

Show and Tell

Identity as Performance in U.S. Latina/o Fiction
By Karen Christian

Explores issues of ethnicity, gender, and sexuality in nine recent novels by U.S. Latina/o writers.