La Mollie and the King of Tears

By Arturo Islas
Edited by Paul Skenazy

A posthumous novel by the pioneering Chicano fiction writer--a tragi-comic tale revealing a new side to Arturo Islas's talent.

Ghost Singer

A Novel
By Anna Lee Walters

Indian remains in the Smithsonian cause ghosts to haunt, torment, and murder researchers--even as they themselves are tormented by the items in the museum's collection.

Tierra Amarilla

Stories of New Mexico/Cuentos de Nuevo Mexico
By Sabine Ulibarrí

First published in Spanish in 1964, this classic re-release is a bilingual presentation that offers delightful reading for anyone interested in the hues of Hispanic life in northern New Mexico.

Josey Wales

Two Westerns
By Forrest Carter

Josey Wales was the most wanted man in Texas. His wife and child had been lost to pre-civil War destruction and, like Jesse James and other young farmers, he joined the guerrilla soldiers of Missouri-men with no cause but survival and no purpose but revenge.

Wind from an Enemy Sky

By D'Arcy McNickle

A novel about a fictional Northwestern tribe.

Heart of Aztlan

A Novel
By Rudolfo Anaya

Westward the Women

An Anthology of Western Stories by Women
Edited by Vicki Piekarski

Stories by Willa Cather, Mary Austin, Mari Sandoz, and Leslie Silko, among other women writers, who have illuminated the Western experience.

Runner in the Sun

By D'Arcy McNickle
Illustrations by Allan Houser

A novel of pre-Hispanic Indian life in the Southwest.

The Jailing of Cecelia Capture

By Janet Campbell Hale

A novel of urban Indian life.

Pieces of White Shell

By Terry Tempest Williams
Illustrations by Clifford Brycelea

"To know the oral tradition of Native American people is to feel the sensitivity and sensuality of language in its clearest motion and light, and this Williams has achieved in her appreciation of that tradition."--Simon Ortiz