You Must Fight Them

A Novella and Stories
By Maceo Montoya

In this collection we meet characters navigating the difficult situations that arise when different worlds collide.

The Faster Redder Road

The Best UnAmerican Stories of Stephen Graham Jones
Edited by Theodore C. Van Alst

This collection showcases the best writings of Stephen Graham Jones, whose career is developing rapidly from the noir underground to the mainstream.

Subjects: Fiction

The Canyon

A Novel
By Stanley Crawford

To read this quiet, rich evocation of adolescent watchfulness is to experience what it is like to be fourteen years old, waiting for something to happen, aware of everything but oblivious to as much of it as possible.

Subjects: Fiction

Painted Turtle

Woman with Guitar
By Clarence Major

“Major brings his characters to life with the accretion of specific details. Even so, his novel is distinctly spiritual, emphasizing the significance of traditional beliefs in the lives of Painted Turtle and her family.”— Publishers Weekly

Subjects: Fiction

Jemez Spring

By Rudolfo Anaya

Rudolfo Anaya's latest Sonny Baca mystery eerily reflects current events: it involves terrorists, environmental activists, and water rights in the Southwest.

Sophie's House of Cards

A Novel
By Sharon Oard Warner

“A deftly woven story textured with beautifully flawed characters who redefine what it means to be a family in an age where love, not blood, connects all creatures—from humans to honeybees. What a charming and deeply compassionate novel.”—B. K. Loren, author of Theft: A Novel

Subjects: Fiction

The Powwow Highway

A Novel
By David Seals

“Takes us into the places where Indians live . . . their jokes, their lovemaking, their hearts. . . . Leaves me feeling as if I had made the journey myself.”— Denver Post

Sweet Medicine

A Novel
By David Seals

“Full of adventure, humor, love and sex, and occasionally some eloquent rage about the way Indians have been treated in America. . . . A trickster tale . . . in which a . . . clever and resourceful hero outsmarts stronger enemies and lives to fight another day.”— New York Times Book Review

Conjugal Bliss

A Comedy of Martial Arts
By John Nichols

“A hilarious, raucous, painfully graphic portrait of The Marriage from Hell.”— Chicago Tribune

Subjects: Fiction

A Carol Dickens Christmas

A Novel
By Thomas Fox Averill

“Joyfully riffing on a holiday classic, Tom Averill’s A Carol Dickens Christmas is a moving and contemporary tale that, like the work of that other Dickens, focuses on what affects us deeply: judgment and compassion, grief and hope, cruelty and kindness. With a warm and realistic cast of characters, this is a story for people who believe in the magic of the season and—more to the point—in simply caring for each other.”—Laura Moriarty, author of The Chaperone

Subjects: Fiction