The Deportation of Wopper Barraza

A Novel
By Maceo Montoya

After Wopper Barraza’s fourth drunk driving violation, the judge orders his deportation and now he has to move back to Michoacán. His story unfolds as life in a rural village takes him in new and unexpected directions. We know this story from the headlines, but up to now it has been unexplored literary territory.

Serafina's Stories

By Rudolfo Anaya

Anaya blends Spanish folktales with Pueblo Indian myths to create a charming New Mexican version of the Arabian Nights.

On Top of Spoon Mountain

By John Nichols

John Nichols is at his hilarious and poignant best in this rollicking tale of love, anarchy, and the awesome Rocky Mountains. It is drop-dead comedy with an inspiring and beautiful message.

Subjects: Fiction

Road to Nowhere and Other New Stories from the Southwest

Edited by D. Seth HortonBrett Garcia Myhren

The Southwest of the twenty-first century is full of surprises, and so is this collection of southwestern short stories published between 2007 and 2011.

Subjects: FictionSouthwest

The Border Is Burning

By Ito Romo

Loners, families, fathers, wives—anyone who lives on the border between Mexico and the United States also lives on a border of violence and complexity. Here a master of Chicano noir explores that world in lean and haunting stories that you will never forget.

Curse of the ChupaCabra

By Rudolfo Anaya

The legendary ChupaCabra, the goatsucker, is set loose in the streets, like the meth that is destroying its young victims' minds.

Subjects: Fiction

Like a Bride and Like a Mother

By Rosa Nissán
Translated by Dick Gerdes

Two powerful autobiographical novels of being a Jewish woman in Mexico, dealing with her parents' dictates, and her husband's and family's expectations. The only constant in her life is a need to find her own way.

Outlaws and Lawmen

La Frontera Publishing Presents The American West, Great Short Stories from America's Newest Western Writers

La Frontera Publishing presents Outlaws and Lawmen, a collection of the latest fictional short stories about the Old West from America’s newest Western writers.

Subjects: Fiction

A Growing Season

By Sue BoggioMare Pearl

“There are no chiles like those grown in the heart of New Mexico. In A Growing Season, Sue Boggio and Mare Pearl bring to life the deeply rooted traditions and wonderfully diverse community that sows and harvests this amazing fruit—even as drought, economic fragility, and human greed threaten it year by year.”—Ann Cummins, author of Yellowcake

Subjects: Fiction

The Soledad Crucifixion

By Nancy Wood

This gripping novel tells the story of Father Lorenzo Soledad from his boyhood in a Texas bordello to his final day in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Subjects: Fiction