Hard to Have Heroes

By Buddy Mays

When fourteen-year-old wannabe cowboy Noah Odell moves to his flamboyant uncle's ranch in rural New Mexico, he soon finds himself encountering some of the Chihuahuan Desert's strangest characters. The days are never dull, especially when the U.S. Army tries to confiscate the ranch to expand a top-secret rocket-testing facility.

Subjects: Fiction

Sunlight and Shadow

By Sue BoggioMare Pearl

An acclaimed first novel by two award-winning New Mexico writers, Sunlight and Shadow is a story of family, friendship, and what it really means to have hope.

Subjects: Fiction

Secrets of the Tsil Café

A Novel with Recipes
By Thomas Fox Averill

"Food is the talisman, the metaphor, and the basic aroma of this voluptuous novel . . . The tale is full of recipes, some on the very edge of bizarre but all bursting with flavor and history."--Booklist

Subjects: CookingFiction

Lord of the Dawn

The Legend of Quetzalcóatl
By Rudolfo Anaya

Now available in paperback, the Lord of the Dawn is Anaya's exploration of the cosmology and the rich and complex spiritual thought of his Native American ancestors.

Subjects: Fiction


By Thomas Fox Averill

"Based on the American folk ballad 'Tennessee Stud,' this novel by the author of Secrets of the Tsil Café is an artistic masterpiece galloping with classic all-American appeal."-- Library Journal, starred review


By Robert Julyan

This quixotic tale of Sweeney's journey of survival and self-discovery offers a wry glimpse of the oddities and opportunities of small-town life, featuring aliens, nudists, naked bull riders, Druids, phony Indians, real Indians, and above all, Sweeney's crazy citizens, because, as one of them says, "Crazy ideas are the only kind that work around here."

Subjects: Fiction


The Legend of La Llorona
By Lucinda Ciddio Leyba

In this powerfully eerie tale, the legend of La Llorona is recast as the tale of a witch intent on doing evil in modern Santa Fe.

Cowboys Don't Cry

By Charles Berry

As Scout McBride navigates the rugged path to becoming a man, he knows that to emulate the men he admires, he must keep one thing in mind: Cowboys don't cry.

Subjects: FictionSouthwest

The Way of Thorn and Thunder

The Kynship Chronicles
By Daniel Justice

Available for the first time in one volume, Daniel Heath Justice's acclaimed Thorn and Thunder novels take Indigenous fantasy fiction beyond its stereotypes and tell a story set in a world similar to eighteenth-century eastern North America. The original trilogy-an example of green/eco-literature-is collected here in a one-volume novel.

The Lost Minyan

By David M. Gitlitz

This intricately woven tapestry of historical fiction, profiles ten Crypto-Jewish families coping with the trauma of living between worlds, neither wholly Catholic nor wholly Jewish.