Father Meme

By Gerald Vizenor

The reluctance of the Catholic Church to punish pedophile priests is dramatized in this modern fable of sin, sacrifice, and survivance in a Native American mission in Minnesota.

ChupaCabra and the Roswell UFO

By Rudolfo Anaya

This fast-paced mystery expands the ChupaCabra folklore into a metaphor that deals with the new powers inherent in science.

Sonoran Rage

A Colton Brothers Saga, No. 2
By Melody Groves

As rage explodes across the Sonoran Desert in Arizona Territory, 1861, blood stains the sand. Will the Colton brothers survive?

Subjects: Fiction

Ghosts of El Grullo

By Patricia Santana

A sequel to Santana's acclaimed Motorcycle Ride on the Sea of Tranquility, Ghosts of El Grullo follows Yolanda Sahagún as she struggles to find her place in her family and the world.

Subjects: Fiction

Arizona War

A Colton Brothers Saga
By Melody Groves

The Colton brothers must overcome Apaches, Confederate Texans, and their own demons at the start of the Civil War.

Sor Juana's Second Dream

A Novel
By Alicia Gaspar de Alba

This historically accurate and beautifully written novel explores the secret inclinations, subjective desires, and political struggles of the 17th-century Mexican nun and poet.

Ride the Trail of Death

By Kenneth Kieser

Kieser tells an historically accurate tale of murder and redemption set in Deadwood, South Dakota, during the black hills gold rush of the 1870s.

Subjects: Fiction

Bluefeather Fellini

By Max Evans

This classic of American fiction tells the story of the travels of Bluefeather Fellini, a half-Pueblo Indian and half-Italian who always returns to his mother's home in Taos, New Mexico.

Subjects: Fiction

The Ecuador Effect

By David E. Stuart

Dark and fast-paced, The Ecuador Effect combines a liberal dose of Ecuadorian Indian culture with the drama of a novel.

Subjects: Fiction

D'Arcy McNickle's The Hungry Generations

The Evolution of a Novel
Edited by Birgit Hans

This study of the early, unpublished novel, The Hungry Generations, explains how subsequent events in McNickle's life lead the author to eventually create The Surrounded, a classic of American Indian literature.