Gender Studies

Kit Carson and His Three Wives

A Family History
By Marc Simmons

After almost four decades devoted to researching Kit Carson's personal life, Simmons provides information about Carson's family life, including as much as can be determined about his three wives.

The Limits of Gender Domination

Women, the Law, and Political Crisis in Quito, 1765-1830
By Chad Thomas Black

By documenting the progressive removal of limits to patriarchal power in the waning years of the Spanish Empire in Quito, this study traces the genealogy of legal patriarchy in Spanish America.

Runaway Daughters

Seduction, Elopement, and Honor in Nineteenth-Century Mexico
By Kathryn A. Sloan

Sloan investigates how civil laws in post-colonial Mexico played a significant role in changing social norms for marriage, sexuality, and parental authority.

Sor Juana's Second Dream

A Novel
By Alicia Gaspar de Alba

This historically accurate and beautifully written novel explores the secret inclinations, subjective desires, and political struggles of the 17th-century Mexican nun and poet.

Private Passions and Public Sins

Men and Women in Seventeenth-Century Lima
By María Emma Mannarelli
Translated by Meredith DodgeSidney Evans

A Peruvian scholar focuses on the cultural significance of illicit sexual practices in seventeenth-century Lima.

The City of Women

By Ruth Landes

This book is the landmark study of candomblé, the Afro-Brazilian religion of Bahia, Brazil.

Plaza of Sacrifices

Gender, Power, and Terror in 1968 Mexico
By Elaine Carey

On October 2, 1968, up to 700 students were killed by government authorities while protesting in Mexico City - many of them women. This analysis of the role of women in the protest movement shows how the events of 1968 shaped modern Mexican society.

Women and Gender in the American West

Jensen-Miller Prize Essays from the Coalition for Western Women's History
Edited by Mary IrwinJames F. Brooks

The Joan Jensen-Darlis Miller Prize recognizes outstanding scholarship on gender and women's history in the West. The winning essays are collected here for the first time in one volume.


Hispanic Women in the United States
By Hedda Garza

Documents and discusses the major contributions to this country's social and political mosaic for over 150 years by women leaders, organizers, and activists from diverse Hispanic backgrounds.

Frida Kahlo

An Open Life
By Raquel Tibol
Translated by Elinor Randall

Uses medical records, journals, letters, interviews, and personal recollections to bring us closer than ever to the Mexican artist and her milieu.