Gender Studies

The Gift of Life

Female Spirituality and Healing in Northern Peru
By Bonnie Glass-Coffin

This remarkable work of anthropology breaks new ground in the study of Latin American female shamanism.

Lady's Choice

Ethel Waxham's Journals and Letters, 1905-1910
Edited by Barbara LoveFrances Love Froidevaux

A rich portrait of a woman's life in the American West of the early 1900s--a love story that reads like a novel.

Taking the Wheel

Women and the Coming of the Motor Age
By Virginia Scharff

Scharff looks at women's struggles to be accepted as drivers.

The Zuni Man-Woman

By Will Roscoe

Roscoe presents the life of We'wha (1849–1896), the Zuni who was perhaps the most famous berdache (an individual who combined the work and traits of both men and women) in American Indian history.

Western Women

Their Land, Their Lives
Edited by Lillian SchlisselJanice MonkVicki L. Ruiz

These essays analyze and interpret studies on women's roles in the American West.

Westward the Women

An Anthology of Western Stories by Women
Edited by Vicki Piekarski

Stories by Willa Cather, Mary Austin, Mari Sandoz, and Leslie Silko, among other women writers, who have illuminated the Western experience.

Cannery Women, Cannery Lives

Mexican Women, Unionization, and the California Food Processing Industry, 1930-1950
By Vicki L. Ruiz

This dramatic and turbulent history of UCAPAWA is a major contribution to the new labor history in its carefully documented account of minority women controlling their union and regulating their working lives.

Edge of Taos Desert

An Escape to Reality
By Mabel Dodge Luhan

Autobiographical account describing Luhan's first months in New Mexico.

Mabel Dodge Luhan

New Woman, New Worlds
By Lois Palken Rudnick

The definitive biography of a cultural icon.


A Novel of an American Woman
By Marguerite Noble

This moving novel of pioneer life in Arizona has become a classic. Based on the life of the author's mother, it overturns every stereotype of western womanhood.