American West

Aldo Leopold's Southwest

Edited by David E. BrownNeil Carmony

First published in 1990 and now available only from University of New Mexico Press, this volume collects twenty-six of Aldo Leopold's little-known essays and articles published between 1915 and 1948.

John Muir

Life and Work
Edited by Sally Miller

Moving beyond the preservationist/utilitarian dichotomy, these essays reveal the complexity of Muir's contribution, stressing the anthropomorphic, aesthetic, and recreational bases of his values. The insights of the historians, literary critics, philosophers, and scientists presented here provide readers with a greater appreciation for Muir's multidimensional personality and his contributions to the preservation movement.

Earth Is My Mother, Sky Is My Father

Space, Time, and Astronomy in Navajo Sandpainting
By Trudy Griffin-Pierce

To the Navajo, sandpaintings are sacred, living entities that reflect the interconnectedness of all living beings--humans, plants, stars, animals, and mountains. This book explores the circularity of Navajo thought in sandpaintings, Navajo chantway myths, and stories reflected in the celestial constellations.

An Unsettled Country

Changing Landscapes of the American West
By Donald Worster

In these four essays, which were presented as the 1992 Calvin P. Horn Lectures in Western History and Culture, Donald Worster incisively discusses the role of the natural environment in the making of the West--and often in its unmaking and remaking.

Nine Years Among the Indians, 1870-1879

The Story of the Captivity and Life of a Texan Among the Indians
By Herman Lehmann
Edited by J. Marvin Hunter

It is the tale of Herman Lehmann, a captive of the Apaches on the Southern Plains of Texas and New Mexico during the 1870s.

Stopping Time

A Rephotographic Survey of Lake Tahoe
By Peter Goin

The Tahoe basin--then and now.

High Noon in Lincoln

Violence on the Western Frontier
By Robert M. Utley

"In research, writing, and interpretation, High Noon in Lincoln is a superb book. It is one of the best books (maybe the best) ever written on a violent episode in the West."—Richard Maxwell Brown, author of Strain of Violence: Historical Studies of American Violence and Vigilantism

Growing Up with the Country

Childhood on the Far Western Frontier
By Elliott West

This illustrated study shows how frontier life shaped children's character.

A Guide Book to Highway 66

By Jack D. Rittenhouse

An exact facsimile of the first guidebook of its kind to the full length of the famous Route 66.

Western Women

Their Land, Their Lives
Edited by Lillian SchlisselJanice MonkVicki L. Ruiz

These essays analyze and interpret studies on women's roles in the American West.