American West

Eye of the West

Photographs by Nancy Wood
Photographs by Nancy Wood

This collection of photographs from the last three decades by Western writer and photographer Nancy Wood captures the people and places of rural Colorado and New Mexico.

A Woman in the Great Outdoors

Adventures in the National Park Service
By Melody Webb

Melody Webb's reflections on her twenty-five-year career in the National Park Service is an insider's account of a public bureaucracy.

Playing the Odds

Las Vegas and the Modern West
By Hal Rothman
Edited by Lincoln Bramwell

"Hal Rothman is both the greatest Western historian of his generation and an H. L. Mencken in cowboy boots."--Mike Davis, author of Planet of Slums and Buda's Wagon

Who Killed Chester Pray?

A Death Valley Mystery
By Nicholas Clapp

New and revealing information on one of Death Valley's most provocative unsolved mysteries.

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Four and Twenty Photographs

Stories from Behind the Lens
Photographs by Craig Varjabedian

One of the West's most eloquent photographers shares his favorite images and his stories of how they came to be.

Cowtown Wichita and the Wild, Wicked West

By Stan Hoig

A new look at the colorful history of the Peerless Princess of the Plains.

Legend and Lore of the Guadalupe Mountains

By W. C. Jameson

These tales of the mountains, mines, and characters of the Guadalupe range were collected over many years by the author who has explored the area since he was a boy.

The Southwestern Journals of Zebulon Pike, 1806-1807

Edited by Stephen HartArcher Hulbert

This valuable and long-out-of-print edition of Pike's Southwestern journals is being reissued on the bicentennial of the journey with a new Introduction by historian Mark L. Gardner.

Tombstone's Treasure

Silver Mines and Golden Saloons
By Sherry Monahan

The silver rush in Tombstone, Arizona, created one of the most sophisticated towns in the American West, complete with lavish saloons, gambling, ice cream parlors, and a swimming pool.

Storytelling in Yellowstone

Horse and Buggy Tour Guides
By Lee Whittlesey

Whittlesey shares tales of "the great Geyserland" as told by the earliest tour guides of America's first and most unique national park.